Why Customers Are Still Unhappy With Adobe’s Subscription Only Model

As many of you know by now, Adobe has now done away with having the right to purchase their software. Instead, you can now subscribe monthly by paying through a few different options. You can purchase a single product (such as Photoshop), or you can pay for multiple apps as well.

The problem wasn’t the cost of the monthly apps themselves, but the idea that you are now renting software.

Recently, Adobe decided to cut the price even further by offering a Photographer’s Bundle at $9.99 a month. It includes Photoshop, Lightroom, and a few other features. You can read more about that offer here.

In hopes to win over customers, many people still spoke out about how they just did not like the idea and mentioned that they still wouldn’t be subscribing. So it turns out that it really wasn’t the price itself. Customers just did not want to subscribe to anything. The idea of leasing software wasn’t favorable. Read More→

My Beauty Retouching Workflow

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Every image is unique and there’s no single retouching rule that will work for all photographs. I have found, however, that having a routine in place really helps me work quickly and efficiently. Here are the main steps of my usual retouching process, from exporting images from a RAW Converter to polishing them up before publishing.

1. Preparation

I shoot in Raw format, so I always start my retouching by correcting exposure and colors in a RAW Converter (I use Lightroom and Camera Raw) and export a few PSD files, exposing for the skin, darkest and brightest areas of the image to make sure I get the best out of my RAW file.

If the image is lit nicely and there’s no dramatic difference between the darkest and the brightest areas, I sometimes use Lightroom and Camera Raw Adjustment brushes to perform some local corrections instead of exporting a few versions of the image.

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Improve Your Retouching Workflow With This Retouching Demonstration By Natalia Taffarel

Just recently, Train to Create, Wacom Europe and X-Rite held a workshop for Natalia Taffarel in London. Fortunately for us, she also held a webinar where she graciously exhibits her workflow.  Although it doesn’t showcase everything, it goes into wonderful detail on some great retouching tips that I believe everyone will benefit from.

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Photoshop Disaster Or Team Disaster? Sarah Jessica Parker For Harper’s Bazaar

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar China released their March 2013 cover featuring none other than Sarah Jessica Parker. Immediately, multiple sources posted the image and shouted, “Photoshop Disaster.”

This is a wonderful case study on the end result of a shoot. It’s not necessarily true that the only thing there is to blame is Photoshop.

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How To Extract A Model From The Background

One of the most asked questions coming from the public is how to remove a model from a background.

Many tutorials I’ve seen haven’t been as easy to follow as this one by colleague, Dennis Dunbar.

Plus, Dennis is one of the best digital artists in the world, working on celebrities and a whole range of Hollywood movie posters.

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Amy Dresser Speaks At Luminance 2012 About The Intentions Of Retouching

If you haven’t heard of Amy Dresser before, you have now. She’s been working in the industry for a very long time and has set the way through inspiration for other retouchers. Read More→

Dior Ad Staring Natalie Portman Banned For Having Lashes That Are Too Long

Retouching is all lies! That’s what some people want you to believe. Although there may be some truth to it in the eyes of the public, it seems people want to draw a line on what is acceptable and what is too much.

The recent news that has people talking is regarding Natalie Portman.

This advertisement for Dior has recently been banned for having long eyelashes:

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All Future Versions Of Photoshop Will Not Support Windows XP

Many people use Photoshop on Windows so this comes as a huge announcement. Thank you to Adobe for letting people know in advance, that Windows XP will no longer be compatible with all future versions of Photoshop. After an over 10+ year run, XP, as amazing as it is, will no longer be supported. The reason is it isn’t 64 bit and all current operating systems demand a better architecture to run under.

They say, that only Windows 7 and up will be supported from CS6 on up. However, I personally use CS6 on Vista and it runs great. Though the difference is that even though it can run, it’s not supported or won’t auto-update.

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Unretouched Victoria’s Secret Photos

One important part about photography is knowing exactly how far to go with retouching. When you see images in public, it’s hard to guess how much is done if you don’t have a trained eye or experience in the matter. With this shroud of mystery, you’re left to assume the worst, that they really did go further than you would have imagined.

An opportunity comes to us by a way of accident from Victoria’s Secret. For their September Catalog, they accidentally released the unretouched photos in a public area of the website for everyone to look at.

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Wacom Launches 2 New Cintiq Models

Within a year, Wacom has decided to launch 2 new products. Last time, it was the Intuos 5 touch. This time, it’s the Cintiq line that has 2 new models.

The two models are the Cintiq 24HD Touch and the Cintiq 22HD

Prior to these 2 models, the Cintiq only had the 24HD

Cintiq 24HD Touch

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