Digital Photoshop High-End Retouching Tutorial Videos & Services

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Retouching Tutorial Videos & Ebooks
We provide high end industry standard digital retouching techniques and tutorial videos using Photoshop as well as behind the scenes how to videos from the actual fashion and beauty photo shoots. In addition, to help you learn we make available the full resolution original and retouched images used in our videos. With these image files you can see up close exactly what was retouched and also try to retouch the original images to practice your retouching skills as you follow along while watching our retouching videos.

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Before & After Galleries – Be sure to visit the retouching before and after photo galleries and view the high end retouch work of retoucher Natalia TaffarelVitaly Druchinin, & Krunoslav Stifter.

Free RAW Files – We’ve added a whole volume of free RAW files that you can download for retouching practice & retoucher portfolio use. Be sure to check them out here: Free Retouching RAW Files

What makes our Photoshop Retouching Videos differentWe teach high end retouching techniques used by professional retouchers in the fashion and beauty photography industry. These are NOT the usual glamour and portrait type retouching techniques that simply blur, soften or smudge the imperfections and/or overall image. Instead the techniques shown are very natural, clean and realistic with the goal of being unnoticeable and invisible as used in magazines and print advertisements throughout the world. Checkout our free retouching tutorials section for some great retouch tutorials made available to you completely for free.

High End Retouching Services We provide high end industry standard retouching services to discerning clients all over the world. Please take a look at out retouching before and after section to get a feel for what we do.