Adobe Photoshop CS6 Preview

What are your thoughts on the latest CS6 preview?

At first glance, the interface is completely new. I did not like it initially, but after watching the video, I immediately realized how much better it is. It allows you to focus on the image at hand and everything else almost visually disappears. It would have been nice if they gave us an option to change interface preferences, (light, medium, dark).

It raises the question, did you prefer the interface on CS5? Would you have liked the option of changing how the visuals look in the program?

The most exciting feature to me is the auto save feature. Finally Adobe, good job! That’s one everyone will be happy about. Even if it saves one job, it is worth it.

I hope it runs more efficiently than CS5 (closer to how CS3 ran) but I doubt it.

I don’t like how they are cramming 3D into Photoshop. They should leave that alone in its own program, but hey I guess that’s what the public wants. If I could get everything Photoshop has sans the 3D, it would probably also run much faster too. I would buy that immediately.

What are your thoughts on the CS6 preview?

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