Turn Your iPad Into A Mini Wacom Graphic Tablet Like The Cintiq

Since the iPad has come out, every creative professional has wanted to turn the iPad into a tablet where you could retouch photos with a stylus. Due to the OS, you couldn’t really run full versions of Photoshop on the tablet itself.

We’ve discovered a really great workaround that allows you to use your iPad as a Cintiq like tablet!

First and foremost, if you’re not familiar with a Cintiq tablet, go here: http://www.wacom.com/en/Products/Cintiq.aspx

It’s essentially wacom’s touch screen tablet that allows you to work right on the screen.

Now, the first thing you’re going to need to do is watch this video from fstoppers:

So you’ll need an iPad, a primary desktop or laptop, and the Air Display app.

Now that you have your iPad setup as a second monitor, you can now load Photoshop up on your laptop, and drag it into iPad so it displays Photoshop. So the laptop is doing all the computing, and the iPad turns into a Cintiq, so to speak.

Now all you need is an iPad stlyus and your iPad immediately turns into a tablet that you can use Photoshop with!

It requires a bit of a work around, but it becomes quite a useful tool if you would like to do it this way.

It doesn’t have all the benefits of a graphic tablet such as the cintiq because there’s no pressure sensitivity, buttons, and all the configurations, so it’s definitely not a replacement. But for a minimal price of the app, it becomes quite a useful tool!

Photographer, Aden Priest, shows us what this setup looks like when executed:

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