Before & After Retouching Galleries


Natalia Taffarel Retouching Gallery

Natalia revolutionized the retouching industry with her amazing  eye for beauty and retouching skills. She’s the host of the best selling retouching DVD:
Beauty & Hair High End Techniques

Natalia-Taffarel-Retouching-galleryVitaly Druchinin Retouching Gallery

Vitaly started it all with the release of Series 1, providing a way for beginners to learn high end retouching skills and forever changing the retouching tutorial landscape.
High End Retouching Techniques

Natalia-Taffarel-Retouching-galleryKrunoslav Stifter Retouch Gallery

Krunoslav’s detailed, in depth instruction methodology has taken Dodge & Burn to a whole new level with his highly popular retouching DVD:
The Art of Dodge & Burn

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